Astor Yard

The stables were part of the original development by Michael Dickinson in 1984. Forty of the boxes are arranged in rows of ten with each box facing due South, with a further two fillies barns. In total, the yard can accommodate sixty two horses in light and airy stables.

Grass Gallops

Clatford Gallops

Although referred to as the Clatford Gallops, it is in fact a number of gallops on the Marlborough Downs. A trainer can choose from the Straight (8 furlongs), any one of six “Spurs” (3 to 6 furlongs) or go Round the Bend (10 furlongs). There is also the 8 furlong Peat Moss gallop that has good ground even during a good British summer. Clatford also benefits from a watering system for the main straight but this is used only during the driest conditions as frequent watering can, in the long term, be detrimental to the grass.

Derby Gallop

This 7 furlong gallop was developed in 1985 to mirror some of the undulations encountered at Epson racecourse. The gallop is situated further away than the other gallops so its lightly used turf is ideal preparation for any special race.

All weather


This is an eight furlong Polytrack surface that was installed in 2002. The surface was one of the first gallops to use a Martin Collins surface and is used virtually every day of the year. The first four furlongs is on the flat with a managed gradient for the final straight four.

The ‘U’

Prior to the building of the Polytrack this woodchip gallop had been the main all weather gallop for nearly twenty years. It is ten furlongs in length with a steep gradient between the 3 and 6 furlong markers. The length of the gallop gives the trainer plenty of opportunities to vary the speed and distance over which a horse is trained. An automatic sprinkler system means it is in perfect condition all year round.

The Round

This six furlong woodchip gallop is perfectly flat and is primarily used by young two year olds or older horses coming back from injury. A sprinkler system means it is in perfect condition all year round.

Coverd Ride

This is a polytrack surface, which can be used whatever the weather throws at us.


Horse Walkers

An invaluable tool in any training yard, our six-horse walker is in use every day.

Indoor School

A large indoor arena that can be used for many things, but are mainly utilised with early work with yearlings/two-year-olds.

Swimming Pool

Located at the Astor yard, this was installed in 1984 and is used during the entire racing season. ┬áIt is a brilliant tool for many reasons, one of which is keeping a horse’s fitness level up when they are recovering from an injury. The pool provides an exercise medium that exerts less pressure on their joints.


An invaluable piece of equipment that can be used either to speed up the recovery process or just to give the horse a change from its routine.